The Effects Of Media On Female Body Image Essay

1764 Words May 25th, 2016 8 Pages
There has been a dramatic shift, within the last couple of decades, on how women perceive their body. Unfortunately this shift has been significantly negative in nature. Women in today’s society are more dissatisfied with their bodies than ever before. The main culprit, which has driven this downward trend, is mass media. Mass media is very much a double-edged sword. On one hand, it has increased global connectivity and has allowed for the perpetuation of information in a very fast and efficient fashion. On the other hand, it has facilitated the spread of unhealthy and inaccurate messages regarding body size, weight control, beauty ideal, and gender roles of women. These messages have infiltrated society and have sparked a movement characterized by unrealistic standards and the formation of destructive habits. The prevalence of negative body image is at an all time high, particularly among adolescent females. The ramifications for this are detrimental and constitute in-depth examination. The purpose of this research report is to critically review studies that explore the effects of media on female body image and disordered eating. Ultimately, by understanding the issue in a more comprehensive manner, solutions can be offered to combat the negative effects of television, magazines, and social media on female audiences.
Literature Review The impact of mass media on society as a whole is unparalleled. The strength of its influence is so robust because of…

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