The Effects Of Mass Media On Society Essay

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Shannon Vargas
Effects of Mass Media
September 15, 2015
Ms. Allyson Wells Effects of Mass Media Our culture is molded and influenced by mass media. From the ancient times of story tellers, tribal leaders and elders to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, communication and the flow of information has been vital to developing civilizations. The major developments in mass media are oral and written presentation, printing, electronics and digital programming. Technology changed the models of communication flow and eliminated the gatekeepers that controlled what information was sent to the receiver of the message. The internet has allowed everyone to have content there for everyone to receive. Mass media is become our culture and everyday life.
Major Developments
Oral and Written Era Tribal story tellers, elders and ancient leaders delivered information to their people through oral presentation. This information was handed down from generation to generation. The oral and written era is the first major development in mass media and communication. Ancient civilizations developed alphabets and written words to scribe and preserve information. These methods of information transmission are still used today. They were improved and enhanced over many centuries.
Not all people in a civilization were able to read and write. These skills were mainly taught to members of higher rank or standing in the community. There was also a fear that writing would decrease the uses of…

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