The Effects Of Financial Stress On College Students Essay

1011 Words Dec 7th, 2015 5 Pages
Throughout one 's school career, they experience many different stressors. Although it may not seem like it, there’s ways to deal with these stressors. Particularly, someone in college might experience stressors within the categories of financial stress, personal stress, and academic stress. And all categories have different ways that someone can cope with their stress. One of the first stressors that all college students have to deal with is financial stress. Financial stress includes more obviously, student loan debt. According to Randall Hansen, “About two-thirds of all college students have student loan debt, with an average $27,000 student loan debt load for graduating college seniors nationwide … [while] considering that public college costs about an average of about $14,000 a year and private schools cost $36,000” This means that even after college, most students are still dealing with the stressful debt of student loans. Another example of financial stress could be “[The more] hidden cost related to college such as books and school supplies, cell phones, personal care and clothing purchases, items to decorate dorm rooms, social outings, fees for joining various student clubs and organizations, and miscellaneous charges and tickets” (Hansen). These are the cost that everyone forgets about when they go to college because they are too busy focusing on student loans, sometimes the way you spend your money can get out of hand. However, to prevent this there are…

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