The Effects Of Exposure On Media Violence Essay

1376 Words May 27th, 2016 null Page
Most theorists would now agree that the short-term effects of exposure to media violence are mostly due to priming processes, excitation processes, and the immediate imitation of specific behaviors. Priming is the process through which the brain’s neural network simulates another brain node representing thought, emotion, or behavior. The external stimulus can be inherently linked to a cognition, similar to how the sight of a gun is inherently linked to the concept of aggression, or the external stimulus can be something neutral like a particular ethnic group that has become linked in the past to certain beliefs (Violence, The Media And Your Brain). The primed concepts make behaviors linked to them more likely. When media violence primes aggressive concepts, aggression is more likely. To the extent that media presentations arouse the observer, aggressive behavior may also become more likely in the short run for two possible reasons: excitation and general arousal. First, an emotion may be perceived as more severe than it is because some of the emotional response by the media presentation is misattributed. The next short-term process, imitation of specific behaviors, can be viewed as a special case of the more general long-term process of observational learning. In recent years, evidence has shown that young children have a tendency to imitate whomever they observe, an especially beneficial ability for survival if harnessed for useful learning. Children observing specific…

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