Essay on The Effects Of Emotional Abuse On Children

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Some people do not really even understand what child abuse is when they do it. Well, child abuse is when a parent punishes their child to a whole different level. There is more than one type of abuse. There is actually a lot of different types of abuse, but the three that I am going to talk about are emotional, physical and mental. Emotional abuse is ongoing psychological damage. This type includes things like public humiliation, name-calling, threatening, emotional neglect, and criticizing. Some of the signs for this are continuous complaints about a stomach ache, bedwetting, headaches, nausea, depression, even OCD is a sign of emotionally abused victims. Physical abuse is deliberate physical force which include severe punishments like hitting, punching, shaking, kicking, biting, pushing, choking, grabbing, slapping, and even burning. Some of the signs of this type of abuse are bruises, fractures, injuries that are have various stages of healing, and if a child can not even remember or explain their injuries, they are probably physically abused. The last one is mental abuse which is pretty much the same thing as emotional abuse. There is another type of abuse but I am not going to talk about it, and that would be sexual abuse (Geyn). People should not abuse their children because it creates emotional scars, promotes domestic violence, and it lowers a child’s self-esteem. Child abuse creates emotional scars. Emotional abuse is the most damaging of all the types of abuse.…

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