Essay on The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children

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We as humans need to come together and become one and help shine a light on the silent killer known as Domestic Violence. By doing this we can bring more awareness of the matter and help bring an end to the blind eye of the topic.
Men, woman and children are falling in the hands of domestic violence due to the experience, trauma and growing up in the community of violence. Children who experience trauma due to witnessing or being victim of the matter tends to fall victim again as an adult. Children without proper care or counseling are at Physical, Emotional and Development risk due to the effects of domestic violence (Hornor,2005).
Due to non-counseling or care some children grow up with the characteristics of the abuser. The prevalence of domestic violence experienced by women and children is an alarming concern. If this trauma goes untreated, it can result in increased vulnerability to further experiences of victimization (McWhirter, 2006). To help victims to recover from the experience they are variety of programs for domestic and family violence. These programs were made and develop to help men, women and children victims of either direct or indirect violence.
Over time and decades domestic victim’s programs help them move past and forward in the face of devastating trauma. Taken together, this meta-analysis reveals that domestic violence interventions have a significant and positive impact on the well-being of those who participate. Analysis of individual effect sizes…

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