The Effects Of Domestic Violence In Sports

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The violent, abusive physical or verbal behavior within a home, usually with a spouse or partner, is a majorly existent problem in current times and needs to succumb as soon as possible. Domestic violence can be dated back to around 750 B.C. when Romans were justifiably allowed to beat their wives under the law ( Government enforcement and legislation against domestic violence cultivated around the 1500s in early old English laws to prevent the intolerable acts of abuse. The majority of the population in the United States have either heard of, been a part of, or witnessed some kind of domestic violence issue. The problem of domestic violence has unquestionably expanded in the past decade. Fortunately, the public has become more conscious …show more content…
Football is very well known sport around the world, and it is blatantly recognized for it’s nature of being highly combative, dominative, competitive, and potently violent. The domestic violence acts that occur with these celebrity athletes are clearly off of the field and outside the practice of the sport, but many say that the violent nature of the sport can strongly influence the emotions and acts of the athletes even though they are not in action of the sport. “And the goal is to dominate the person across from you. It 's easy to slip into thinking that what you do on the field is what you do in your everyday life. You have to be an aggressive human being to survive in the NFL, but there is no reason that has to carry over" ( This quote is very valuable to this issue because it extentuates the truth that although the sport is intense, it shouldn’t disturb an athlete 's everyday life. Because they are ‘professional’ athletes, they should live to humane standards and with massive respect and manners. Sports associations like the MLB, NBA, NHL, and the NFL have a well known history of the lack of punishments for the athletes who do commit domestic violence crimes. Much of the public sees it as ‘weak’ or ‘light’ punishments for the professionals and that they should be punished more stringently. The commissioners of the professional sports leagues are being looked at negatively by the public because of these delicate

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