The Effects Of Divorce On Adolescent Development Essay

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Throughout history, many parents go through a legal dissolution of marriage by court called divorce. According to Pickhard (2009) many statistics suggest around 50% of first marriages divorce. Divorce can have tremendous impacting effects on those experiencing it. Not only does divorce effect parents, but it furthermore impacts adolescents as well. Adolescents may sometimes have a hard time dealing with the separation of their parents as they are going through crucial life changes as well. It is a key concern of the influence divorce has on adolescent’s development and life.
Current Research
The Impact of Parents’ Divorce on Adolescents Development There are significantly increased risk factors for teens whose parents get divorced. Hudson (2010) states when compared with teenagers who do not come from divorced families, research has found teens from divorced families are more aggressive, have higher school dropout rates, have higher rates of delinquency, and have higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse. Though all adolescents may not go through the factors listed, most whose parents’ are divorced are at increased risk. Divorce is unquestionably tough for everyone who its impacts. Adolescents can have a hard time dealing with their parents separating and being torn between them. Hudson (2010) states research suggests that most adjustment problems occur within the first two years following their parent’s divorce or remarriage. The adjustments problems can cause an adolescent…

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