The Effects Of Deforestation

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The earth is just a combination of uniqueness and also it is comprised of a perfect mechanism. Every individual creation or place is in synced but it is weak and it can easily be destroyed as long as one part is extinct. In nowadays, there are only a few lands remained untouched, however, one of them is Mongolian territory. Therefore, it has been truly becoming comfort and safe environment for wild animals and plants, especially for rare species. Although last few decades, all these creation of natures are close to extinct because they are threatened by deforestation. This human acts doesn 't follow Taylor 's 4 duties which we have to other living beings (Non-Maleficence, Non-Interference, Fidelity, Restitutive Justice). Thus, …show more content…
Plus, it creates significant "Global Warming". If we think trees are one organ of this world so each organ is essential to the entire body. If one organ is unwell, then other organs are adversely affected. Deforestation still increasing in this world. Then world will lose one of his organ and how the world live without one organ. That 's why we need to worried about deforestation because it affects other organs just like trees create home and food for birds and other animals. Forests absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses from the air and release oxygen. One large tree can supply a day 's supply of oxygen for four people. Then we can say lung and tree works similar because lung helps us to breathe air, in other hand trees provide us with oxygen. Oxygen is the one the lungs must take in to keep us alive. So it means every living being on this world connected with each other …show more content…
Half of the population is living in capital city Ulaanbaatar and rest of the population is spread all over the country and living in nomadic life style but last few years, they tend to not move from one place to another. The number of nomads has significantly decreased over the last years. Nomads move to the capital city because they attracted by city lights and perceived advantages of urban life. But it is leading to high unemployment rate because they don’t know where to work. That’s why Mongolian citizens illegally cut trees and build their own courtyard and “ger” (Mongolian traditional house) because they are trying to survive. Mongolian forests only cover 9 percent of total area. Unfortunately, Mongolian forest area decreasing every year. We lost 1.2 million hectare over the last 20 years

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