The Effects Of Deforestation On The Environment Essay

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Deeper Than an Advertisement For hundreds of years, the business of deforestation has been booming. At the same time, it has catastrophic effects on the environment. According to, since approximately one and a half acres of forests and jungles are being chopped down every second, it is estimated we will have no forests left within the next hundred years or so. As a result of having our forests die, our wildlife population dies alongside with it. The website also states that upwards of 28,000 species will be extinct in the next twenty-five years as a consequence of deforestation. A print ad, made by a leading wildlife organization in India, Sanctuary Asia, graphically illustrates what it means to cut down forests and jungles. The ad shows a cheetah lying on top of a large tree branch. More importantly, the cheetah and the branch are cut perfectly down the center, leaving half of a dead cheetah corpse on a chopped piece of wood. At the bottom, there is a slogan and the organization’s name. This ad is meant to convey the message that for each jungle we cut down to promote monetary growth, we are killing the animals that live inside of that ecosystem. Each detail of this ad points to an underlying theme and has a deeper meaning. The illustrator designed the ad so that the chopped tree and cheetah corpse would be the focus of the reader 's attention. He placed what was left of the cheetah and branch in the direct center, because it immediately…

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