The Effects Of Dating Violence On Children Essay

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Everyone is created equal. Treat others the way you want to be treated. We are all taught this at a young age. They seem silly to some, but really they are to help decrease abuse. Though sometimes this isn 't the case. Dating violence has always been an issue, but I don 't think the public really understood until the whole Rihanna and Chris Brown incident. Why do people initially start abuse?? I was taught that it may be because the victim or persecutor experienced violence at an early age and that 's all they know how to show affection.

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I chose to research teen dating abuse because someone I know is being abused by her boyfriend. She’d have a new bruise every time I saw her. And every time she’d give a different excuse from where she got the bruise. Her and her boyfriend have broken up plenty of times. But every time wouldn 't last a day. She 'd always run back to him. Not caring that he abuses her, saying that he doesn 't mean it, that it 's how he shows he loves me, he 's always sorry he did it. I understand that she may think he 's the one, but it makes her blind to the danger he puts her in. She 's blind to

everything he 's doing. She doesn 't understand the seriousness of her situation. My expectations is people finally seeing the seriousness of this issue. People make jokes about dating abuse, not taking it seriously. But in reality, it 's more serious than how people perceive it.

Emotional abuse is saying things to…

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