Essay On College Level Education

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According to signing of reports on campus, students are dropping out of community colleges due to low academic performances. The students are failing in their classes because they didn’t have time to study for their academics, understand the criteria or requirements there is to graduate, and didn’t possess a college level education. But most of them doesn’t had a higher level education after they went to high school,which becomes a problem when they go into colleges. The students who doesn’t have a college level education will struggle and get fallen behind in their classes, receive poor grades, having a hard time concentrating with their assignments and study their academics. This could impact their chances to ever to graduate from becoming successful of getting a diploma, gain a high professional job with better wages, and to have good income. …show more content…
They’ve struggled in their academics by receiving poor grades and they didn’t manage their time wisely, so they often miss class on time. The researchers found the problem that most students don’t have a college level education. George points it out,” Students who do not attain grade-level proficiencies in math and reading by the eighth grade are much less likely to be college-ready at the end of high school” (1). Therefore, he saying before students entering into college, they have pre-college experience when students graduate after high school. As soon as the students start their first year on campus with a low college experience and not prepared, they are most likely become frustrated about the subjects they have a hard time with. For instance, the student who is struggling in math class, he will definitely fail in trigonometry or precalculus in college. George reconsiders students should improve their study habits, then they won’t feel stressed out about the

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