The Effects Of Climate Change On The Environment Essay

1467 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 null Page
Everything that we do on this planet can affect how we will live in the present and future. Throughout the years of developing a better world, we have also destroyed it in the process. As we continue to do our ways of inducing climate change, the outcome of a larger and a lot more dangerous disasters is inevitable. The world we may live in may change for the worst.
Climate change is a way of understanding how molecules can affect other molecules differently in an environment. This change can amount to the large amounts or shortage of one type of molecule that can alter how the climate would normally dissipate. The irregular climate can modify the temperature to either being cooler or hotter. This modification can erect weather that would usually not be there. A study has shown that the weather has increased dramatically and can be expected that there will be dangerous heat waves in the summer. “Their findings, published Monday in the online journal Nature Climate Change, suggest that once every five years, Europe is likely to experience “a very hot summer,” in which temperatures are about 1.6 degrees Celsius, or 2.9 degrees Fahrenheit, above the 1961-90 average. This is up from a probability, just a decade ago, that such events would occur only once every 52 years, a 10-fold increase”(Christidis, 2014). This heat buildup in this short amount of time can drastically melt the ice caps at Greenland. Causing a colder and a snowier Europe. “As the sea ice decreases, the…

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