The Effects Of Cell Phones On Society Essay

1488 Words Sep 14th, 2015 null Page
Cell Phones, a wireless mobile device used to place phone calls all over the world. A device that has become so powerful, addictive, yet extremely popular that its influence on society is affecting how we all live. People spend hours on their phone not only talking on it nonetheless texting, social media, and gaming. Cell phones have both a negative and positive impact on society. Studies have shown that academic performance and motor vehicle collisions have been impacted by cell phone usage, while learning disorders, classroom distractions, and cheating have been linked to high cell phone use from college students. However, it has been proven that cell phones are life-saving devices that are used to contact help during an emergency situation. Cell phones can be looked at as a negative on society, but when it used in proper place at a decent time it can definitely have a positive impact on society.

The Impact of Cell Phones on Society Cell phones allow users to perform many computer-like functions such as emailing, web browsing, texting, video conferencing, video games, and interaction on social networks. The relationship between cell phones and academic performance in college students in today’s society is becoming a major concern with higher education institutions. It has caused some student’s GPA to fall drastically, student anxiety, enhances the ability to cheat, and major classroom distraction. Cell phones are generally within the arm’s reach of nearly anyone, and…

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