Essay about The Effects Of Bullying On The Workplace Field

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Research is vitally important in virtually every career. With new advancements in technology and new insight into policies and procedures, it is important that every profession keep up with current research. However, nowhere is current research more essential than in the healthcare field. It is not enough to simply read research; applications to practice must be considered and made. One of the topics of research that is of particular interest to nurses is bullying in the workplace. Bullying, defined as frightening, hurting, or threatening others (Bully, 2014), is no longer confined to the school playground, as was once believed. Indeed, it has spread to millions of workplaces and is occurring with alarming frequency; a United States survey from 2014 indicated that twenty-seven percent (27%) of workers had been bullied in the workplace (U.S. Bullying Survey, 2014, p. 3). While still a high percentage, that number has come down by ten percentage points from 2007 (U.S. Bullying Survey, 2007, p. 1). This percentage is much higher among healthcare workers; Statistics Canada (2005) reports that forty-four percent (44%) of female and fifty percent (50%) of male nurses experienced hostility from their coworkers (p. 6). Simons and Sauer (2013), two registered nurses, examined workplace bullying as it relates to nurses; in addition, they explored ways in which nurses cope with the bullying that they experience. They found that nurses experience bullying from multiple individuals, from…

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