Informative Essay On Bullying

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Welcome to the Jungle
There is a creature that roams and stalks the hallways of schools looking for unsuspecting prey. This creature knows to look for those that appear weak and unable to defend themselves. This creature, this predator, has an overwhelming desire to proclaim, establish and illustrate its dominance over those it perceives to be weaker or lesser than itself. This creature is known as a bully. Bullies thrive on exerting the power they possess over others and revel in the fear they cause. Most individuals that are being preyed upon by bullies see no way to stop it from occurring, but they’re wrong. In nature, there are predators that are atop of their food chain, they are known as apex predators (DN). An apex predator
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The first type of bullying is physical. Punching, pushing, slapping, and kicking are all forms of physical bullying. There have even been instances of a bully poking and stabbing his chosen victim with a pen/pencil (Bully). The next form of bullying is verbal abuse. Bullies wield the power of the spoken word to cut to the innermost soul of their prey. If someone is overweight, a typical verbal taunt would be to call them “fat”. If an individual being bullied is a homosexual or lesbian, the words they hear ringing out are “homo”, “fag”, “lezzie”, “lesbo”…and much, much worse. The final ability in the bullies arsenal is through cyberbullying. With the advent of personal computers, smart phones, text messages and social networking sites (facebook & twitter, for example) the power the bullies have in the schools has extended into the home of the victim. Home is where most victims of bullying feel safest. They are free to be themselves without having the threat of a bully looming over them while in the sanctity of their home. However, cyberbullying has brought that “safe” feeling to an end. Bullies are now able to send harassing text messages directly to a victim’s cell phone. The bully is able to post disparaging and/or threatening messages online for all to

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