The Effects Of Ban On Advertising Have Not Arrived Here Without Thought And Conviction

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Those in favor of the ban on advertising have not arrived here without thought and conviction. Supported by studies in many other countries and by organisations respected the world

over notably the World Health Organisation, who found that tobacco related deaths were on the rise and would continue to rise unabated if the tobacco companies

were allowed to target advertise to vulnerable groups. After reading about these experiences, I find it hard to believe that the tobacco companies would find it an

unexpected move, although it is not unusual for them to play the victim in these circumstances.

The arguments for the ban are underpinned by the fact that if a substance is addictive, as is the case with nicotine, then once the addiction is ‘set’ there is little

further choice. Once an addiction is formed, the victim will put an unrealistic value on the consumption of the substance, and will do things out of character, even

criminal, to acquire it. Perhaps if there were positive benefits to the addiction, perhaps it would be easier to defend.

The government is aware a population that smokes will cost more and be less productive (and happy) than one that does not smoke. In addition to this a smoking

population is a much greater burden on the taxpayers, and families when diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) and other respiratory

diseases take hold. Tobacco companies have a proven history of being unscrupulous with little compunction…

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