The Effects Of Animal And Animal On Animal Animals Essay

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Son Tra Do
English 1A
Class T/T 2pm-4pm
Professor Haviland
Essay 3 Causal Analysis Rubric
Effects of Animal Experimentations to Humanity and Animal
For a long time ago in the history of humanity, animals were used in much experimentation, especially in medical and cosmetics industry. Laboratory animals become one of the most important and useful things that many scientists apply in their testing. Every year, in the United States, there are more than millions of animals are used for experimentations. Animal testing becomes a controversy between people who support animal rights and scientists around the world about whether using animal in research is right or wrong. For many years, the debates about animal testing still have happened and become more and more severe because of the great impacts of animal testing on both human and animal’s life. Because of its vital roles to humanity and animal, it is substantial to know about the effects of animal testing. For animal aspect, animal experiment leads to the suffering and death of millions of animals, while for humanity, animal testing is the cure for many diseases.
First of all, before discovering the whole effects of animal testing, it is critical to know clearly about the background of animal testing. Most people have heard a phrase “animal testing”, but maybe they do not have the exact knowledge about what are involved in animal experimentations. As we know, animal research refers to the experimentations carry out on animals.…

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