The Effects Of Alcoholism On Our Society Essay examples

2005 Words Nov 29th, 2016 9 Pages
The problem today that Alcoholism is having on our society are accidents are happening and people are dying. Another problem that alcoholism is having on our society is people are drinking their problems away and then they end up becoming addicted to alcohol. Alcohol is affecting our society by when people are becoming addicted to alcohol they can become very abusive. Alcoholism is also affects the society by families leaving the alcoholic because of they’re addicted to alcohol. One other way that alcoholism affects our society is people start to gain a lot of weight then they end up being on their way to become obese. Alcohol can also affect our society is some people can end up thinking that alcohol is more important than they’re family so they end up leaving them. This paper will inform the reader what people who live with alcoholics have to deal with. Another thing that this paper will inform the reader about is how people can teach others how to push through problems since they went through problems since they went through a problem. This research paper is about Alcoholism;it will analyze how alcoholics are affected physically; emotionally; spiritually; and economically; also how it affects the families of alcoholics.

The way that ‘’alcohol affects families is they have feelings of guilt and despair and they also end up having high levels of anxiety’’(Learn About Alcoholism). This is important because kids start to loose hope which can make them believe that every…

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