The Effects Of Alcohol On Adolescents And Adults Essay

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Claros and Manoj state that, “Study revealed significant associations between emotional intelligence, the ability to perceive, the ability to manage emotions in self and in others” (Claros, Manoj 9). People and students who use alcohol have experienced issues with stress, abuse, and anxiety. Physical changes can affect the brain in adolescents during maturity due to alcohol consumption. Physical, emotional, and social issues can influence the abuse of alcohol in young adults or just plain adults. The use of alcohol can cause emotional, social, and physical effects.
Research has shown that alcohol can cause emotional effects to adolescents and adults. Alcohol use can drastically effect decision making and have emotional effects. In the article “The relationship between emotional intelligence and abuse of alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco among college students” states that, “Individuals with high emotional intelligence and their ability for self-control and emotional management lead to positive coping, which affords them better decision making” (Claros, Manoj 9). Young adults with high el (emotional intelligence) have better judgement when under the influence of alcohol. Claros and Manoj state in their article, “Researchers concluded that the ability to perceive and utilize emotions in others might be a protective factor when dealing with peer pressure or deviant norms” (9). Researchers are insisting that some people can control emotions and some people can not when being…

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