The Effects Of Air Pollution On Human Health, Environment, And Activities

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After spending three years at my high school, I had a chance to know an immigrant to the US. She was born in Vietnam, which is the same country I was born. She came to the US with her family when she was 18 years old. I asked her the reasons why her family decided to immigrate to the US, and she told me both the push and pull factors that bought her family and she to the US. The push and pull factors were environment and economics reasons. In Vietnam, air pollution was a big problem, that affected human health, environment, and activities. Besides, her family lived in a county, and they were farmers. The area that her family lived in had drought seasons during a year. It impacted her family’s farming and caused crops failure. Because of crops failure, her family was about to go bankrupt. That’s the push factors that made her family decided to immigrate to the US. In the US, her family could find a better job with stable salary. The environment in the US played an important part in her family’s determination. In the US, people were provided a better education, higher standard of living, and better weather. Her family are currently reside at Little Saigon area. Little Saigon did have influence on her family immigration. When her family lived in Vietnam, they had counsins, who already immigrated to the US long time ago. Their counsins provided them a lot of information about Little Saigon and told them that they do not need to worry about studying English rapidly before…

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