Essay On Immigration In America

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The Immigration Debate America is a country defined by multi-culturism. It is a country that ishonest and hard work is rewarded irrespective of the nationality. Most people outside and within America often quote the “American dream”. Immigration has therefore been the tool through which people from different walks of life enter the country in search of this dream and success. With time, however, the issue of immigration has created many debates with people differing in perspectives when it comes to the implementation of the immigration policy. Critics of the entry of immigrants point at the perceived negative aspects that come with the influx of foreigners. Most of these arguments are, however, flawed and go against the American spirit of freedom. This paper exhibits the impact of immigration, which is highly positive, while disapproving the arguments made against immigration that are flawed. Driven by the desire to achieve economic stability, the immigrants are the epitome of handwork. Most of the immigrants come into America with the hope of finding opportunities where they can put their skills into work and earn meaningful employment. If America needs the spirit of hard work and innovation to persist, there is the need to allow immigrants into the country as opposed to building a wall
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The implication here is that the promise for a better life that America previously held is not being realized, meaning that the influx of more foreigners is not necessary. This concept is referred to as the “mobility trap”, where people in the lower class of the society seem to be stuck (Booth, 82). This argument is however not true since evidence still shows that the immigrants still work the hardest, while coming up with innovative ways of making money. The problems that make them stuck need to be addressed, as opposed to just pushing them

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