Essay on The Effects Of Advertising On Our Lives

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As consumers, we have many reasons to believe that we are not effected by advertisement. We go about our normal lives, blind to what the true effects that advertising has on us, in both our physical and mental states. Though it’s difficult for advertisers to sway us in making a physical decision, the mental game they play with us is longer lasting and later comes to a physical decision. Many advertiser’s intentions with advertisements is to provoke an emotional response dealing with the senses of taste, success, and in some cases a sexual pleasure. Advertisements are full of riddles and secrets hidden within the page and text and they can be deceiving and, in some cases, deadly. Being built from the ground up by Adolphus Busch, Michelob has been known to be a “draught beer for connoisseurs” meaning it’s a drink for people who have good taste for beer. Michelob has been known for unique bottle design, and in 1962 they were awarded a medal from the institution of design for their “tear drop” bottle design. Since then, Michelob has converted to more traditional methods of bottling, yet they still bring back their old designs to bask in their past glory. Coming into the 21st century, many Americans demanded for different tastes, styles, and calorie counts of their beer. The public wanted Michelob to create a beer with fewer carbs but still that great taste. Michelob delivered, and created a beer titled “Michelob Ultra.” The beer company also added another beer to the…

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