Essay on The Effects Of Abortion On The United States And Ireland

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Significance of abortion Abortion is a controversial topic because many women believe they have a right to choose abortion, while others believe fetuses have a right to life. People have believed men don’t deserve a stance on abortion, as only women can become pregnant; regardless, women and men all over the world voice their beliefs.
According to Article VII of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everyone deserves protection from discrimination. In some cultures, fetuses are discriminated against when denied rights, while in other cultures, abortion is ethical. In what ways does abortion discriminate? Discrimination is defined as unjust or prejudicial treatment of a person. Abortion is discriminatory because it denies a living human of universal rights.
This essay will compare how abortion discriminates in the U.S. versus Ireland. In the U.S., abortion is legal, and women can decide the fate of their child. In Ireland, abortion is illegal and viewed by society as discrimination.
Ethnographic exploration of The United States and Ireland In the U.S., women can abort for any reason. After the court case Roe v. Wade, it was deemed legal for women to abort under the Fourteenth Amendment. In Ireland, abortion is illegal unless the mother’s life is threatened. The Eighth Amendment of Ireland’s Constitution protects fetal rights.
Limitation of literature For this analysis, the limits are found in…

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