Essay on The Effect Of Welding On The 20th Century

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The Introduction of welding
Today I will be discussing the topics of The early techniques of blacksmiths,Welding in the 19th century,Welding advancements in World War I,Technological advances of the 20th century,New advancements in lasers and types of welding today. Each one of these things would help me understand the history of welding. The progress of welding has evolved over time.

Welding date back to 1000BC which is due to ancient civilizations of life when people had found copper, bronze, silver, gold and iron which had been welded together. These finding really open your eyes when it comes from people that lived like 31 million years ago. The first actual proof when a piece of copper had looked like it was hammered and bent this was the first sign of welding. The 19th century was a big jump for the welders because of the finding of oxy acetylene. This was a big turning point because welds had became more reliable and more stable.

The early techniques of blacksmiths

Blacksmith were the first pronounced welders in the medieval age. The first technique that blacksmiths used was using something called a Forging which is called a blast furnace which was really hot they dip the metal in the forge. The metal would be molten got which in a way they could hammer it into any shape. Molten metal is malleable in this state. Blacksmiths had used a anvil to maintain shapes from being flat to being round. The anvil has multiple purposes for blacksmiths. The next technique…

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