The Effect Of Play On The Learning Environment Essay

790 Words Oct 7th, 2015 4 Pages
It can be argued that play effects the learning of young students in many ways. At a young age, we as students have experienced some form of play in or outside of the classroom. Play can enhance a student’s ability to grasp and hold on to information he or she has been taught. As with all things there are both advantages and disadvantages that follow introducing play into the learning environment. According to an article written in Creative Thinking and Arts-Based Learning “Play supports emotional development by providing a way for children to express their feelings (Isenberg and Jalongo 2014)”. Emotional development is a crucial part of a child’s developmental progress and can be regulated through play. When a child plays with other children they are introduced to problem solving events. For example, if two children are building with different materials, a problem may occur where one uses an object that the other may have had their eye on; during this encounter the student has one of two choices. He or she can either throw and tantrum or they can use their words to figure out how to get what they want from their peer. Also, it can be argued that play in the classroom gives students the chance to discover new information at the own pace, which can make the experience more enjoyable for him or her. As a child plays in different surroundings with different manipulatives, it gives them the chance to make connections on their own. They may recognize patterns that could have…

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