The Effect Of Multimedia On The Classroom Essay

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Despite the reasoning suggesting multimedia is beneficial in the classroom, there is also some reason to believe that it can be harmful. Mayer, Griffith, Jurkowitz, and Rothman (2008) studied in their experiments the effect of increasing student interest by what they called extraneous or seductive details. As previously mentioned, multimedia presentations can increase attention, but it is important to note how they increase that attention. In the experiment, the researchers tested groups of participants on their retention of information about how a cold virus infects the human body after either a booklet, PowerPoint presentation, or animation on the cold virus was viewed. Some of these materials in each of the three different teaching tools contained interesting, but ultimately irrelevant facts about viruses, while the others contained less interesting, but relevant facts to how the cold virus works. While there was no significant difference between transfer (the ability to connect material to other information) and retention (the ability to recall important information) test scores in the three different modes of presentation, there was a significant difference between the rates of those in the high interest group and the low interest group. Students in the low interest groups performed significantly better on both the transfer and retention tests than those in the high interest groups. The reasoning behind this is that students may be distracted by and focus too much on…

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