The Effect Of Law Enforcement Essay

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The Ripple in History History is taught, so no one can repeat the mishaps of the past. Unfortunately, similar things happen, but people are not aware of them. One event that has recently occurred at Ferguson, Missouri, where some witnesses say the officer shot the man without a reason. This is comparable to the Boston Massacre, which witnesses say the British soldiers shot the people without a particular reason also. These two incidents received much criticism because the authorities committed the act. The civilians were petrified when they witnessed their law enforcement unload their clips at the general public. Not knowing the truth, citizens were quick to judge without truly understanding that justice was served. They do not understand that their law enforcement was pushed past their physical and mental limits. There is a fact that justice was served, because the victims displayed taunting, threatening, and attacking gestures towards law enforcement. The verbal abuse toward the law enforcement was unacceptable. While at Ferguson, Officer Darren Wilson gives a simple command to the two men, to get back on the sidewalk. They keep walking and one man says, “‘we are almost to our destination.’”(Darren Wilson 208). When Officer Wilson said something again about the getting on the sidewalk Michael Brown replied, “‘fuck what you have to say.’”(Darren Wilson (The Trial of the British Soldiers)208), then it escaladed from there. When Officer Wilson gave the initial command to…

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