The Effect Of Effective Leadership On A Positive Attitude And Healthy Relationship Skills

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Everyone can be successful, but being a successful leader is easier said than done. Most of the time, optimism fosters opportunity and productivity while pessimism destroys it. Perspective is everything when it comes to success. Unfortunately, leaders with a negative outlook poison others with their draining personality. However, a positive attitude is also contagious and can create a network of effective workers that get the job done. The two ingredients of effective leadership are a positive attitude and healthy relationship skills.
“Optimists overestimate their skills and their capacity to influence events. Buoyed by their unrealistic view of the world, they show great resiliency in the face of adversity” (Harari 86). Life is a series of ups and downs, organizations and corporations are no exception to this rule. When a business faces hard times, everyone looks to the man in charge for answers. A successful leader will take charge and guide his business with just as much enthusiasm in the rough times as in the great times.
Enthusiasm plays an important role in the workplace and in its productivity. Surveys say that 90% of people are more productive around positive people (Clifton and Rath 46). This information is by no means a surprise, but a reminder. As creatures of habit it is easy for us to get in the routine of complaining and bringing other people down, especially when we are surrounded by “Negative Nancys.” Instead of talking about problems, talk about progress.…

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