The Effect Of Day Of Surgery ( Dos ) Cancellations At The University Of North Carolina Health Care Ambulatory Surgical Center

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In 2009 there was a study conducted that analyzed the causes of day-of surgery (DOS) cancellations at the University of North Carolina Health Care Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC). The facility has four OR’s that operate nine hours a day, five days a week with an average of 360 cases a month. The only change that the facility made to decrease the DOS cancellations, was to have the nurses call the patients three days prior to their schedudeled surgery. In that call, the nurse would educate the patient as to the NPO status , what food and drinks are permitted by mouth and when. The nurse also added the implications of not having an empty stomach. Patients were advised that they must have a responsible adult that can stay at the ASC and drive them home. Confirmation of the time and location were also included and the patient was advised that the secretary would call again one day prior to procedure with the exact time of arrival. Many patients took this time to advise nurse of any recent health changes or previous problems with anesthesia or even financial issues with payment. On occasion a patient would also advise nurse that he had already cancelled the surgery with the surgical coordinator at surgeons office. The pre-op charge nurse kept a cancellation –log with the reasons for surgical cancellations for two years.
There were fifteen categories used to group reasons for cancellations.
Three categories were chosen to decrease the DOS cancellations due to them…

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