The Effect Of Consumer Buying Behavior On Managing A Brand Essay

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The Effect of Consumer Buying Behavior on Managing A Brand.

Most of previously research focused on how factors of brand, like brand equity, brand loyalty, brand awareness, etc., impact on consumer buying behavior, so that in this project, the research will consider these two concepts, brand and consumer buying behavior, on another side that researching the impact of consumer buying behavior on brand management, and give manager some suggestions about how to manage a good brand. The purpose of this project is to analyze the features of the impacts of brand on customer buying behavior to put forward that how to manage a brand correctly.
Academically speaking, although consumer buying behavior has been focused and researched in long time, it still need to be researched, because consumer-buying behavior can be changed by different variables, such as different markets, cultures and economic situations (Sharma, Bhola, Malyan & Patni, 2013, p. 817; Ghochani & Zadeh, 2015, p. 308). On another side, Wood (2000) said that in consumer market, a brand can provide the differentiation of one seller’s product from the other competitors, so that managing a brand correctly is very important because it can bring customer satisfaction, and low price sensitivity (Knapp, 2000, p.33; Ghodeswar, 2008, p.4). So this topic is very essential in the fields of marketing, business and management as it researches how consumer-buying behavior influence on managing brand in a new view…

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