Consumer Perception Of Store Price, Quality And Brand Image

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Register to read the introduction… In addition, the store name is very relevant for store brands (Tsung-Chi Liu 2008:288), another academics research by Richardson (1994:29) pointed the same argument in detail investigation that brand name was one of the main factors affecting shopper perceptions of manufactured goods quality.

To summarize, store image can therefore seems as an important factor influence the consumer attitude towards store brands.

4. Conclusion
Based on the literature review, store brands products’ quality are the main factors influence customers’ purchasing store brands. Moreover, people think which supermarket chains have a tendency of supply products of a same or better quality. In addition, products are a factor which determines consumer’s views of brand image. This research will try to challenge these arguments, and find out the real relationship between consumers perception of store brand products’ price, quality and store images. Therefore, a scope for further research
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0 - 1 times B. 2 - 3 times C. 4 - 5 times D. more than 6 times
4. What is the main reason for you to purchase supermarket store brands products? Rank the following from 1 (most important) to 4 (least important)
|Price |Quality |Store image |Trust (Loyalty) |
| | | | |

5. What is your attitude towards supermarket store brands products compare with national brands? (Circle the most suitable option to describe store brands)
|Quality aspect: |lower quality |Same quality |higher quality |
|Price aspect: |lower price |same price |higher price |

6. Do you agree or disagree that supermarket name impacts you on purchasing products? A. Agree B. Disagree

7. What do you think represents a good supermarket store image in UK? Rank the following from 1 (most important) to 5 (least important)
|Layout (display) |Products |Service |Supermarket name |Supermarket environment

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