Essay about The Educational System Of The United States

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In Germany, children take a placement test in fourth grade that determines their entire future. Around the world, school is one of the pivotal parts in a child 's life. Education has become one of the most powerful tools in the world and is necessary for our ever-developing world. Every country uses a different approach to their educational system. In the United States, we give all children equal opportunities to attend school including high school and college. All countries have an elementary school where children learn basic reading and math skills which they then continue improving upon as they go to their local version of middle school. Then some countries have their students move up to obtain at least some high school education, followed by going to college if the student has decent grades. The way each country sets up their school system dictates which students will be the most successful, and which will fall off into a dead end job. Once the fourth grader completes their placement test they can get put in Gymnasium, Realschule, or Hauptschule. Each has their own curriculum and goals for its students. Gymnasium has an intense focus on higher education and going to college after pupils finish. If they are one of the lucky students that is placed in a prestigious Gymnasium they are set for life. Students at Gymnasiums get to complete all 12 grades and get to go to college for free. The German system creates a very stressful and competitive environment for students.…

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