The Education System Of Education Essay

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The educational system that exists today differs from that of many years ago due to the very fact that education has endured a myriad of changes, in rapports to quality and quantity services that are delivered. Though, the art of teaching is not an innovative method but something that existed long ago even before teacher education. In the early centuries, education occurred in a wide range of settings such as home, where students develop numeracy and literacy skills; church, where students are exposed to sermons, Sunday schools, and study groups, etc. Anyone who has acquired a particular level of education had the privilege of turning around and share that knowledge. No formal preparation or training was accessible. The only rule was to take a class and teach that class to the fullest. Consequently, the identity of a teacher was portrayed by numerous of individuals: parents, neighbor, pastor, a leader, tutor, etc.
Colonial Period (1642-1776)
Nowadays, we have many schools and various location to choose from. However, during the colonial period, there were fewer schools around the communities. Children were either taught at home, a neighbor house or acquired no type of education at all. Somehow, schools were still a crucial aspect. Schools were classified into different categories: town, Latin grammar, parochial and private schools, as well as colleges and academies.
Town schools- were controlled locally and described as one-room…

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