Essay The Education Of Arab Women

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The Education of Arab Women in Modernized and Non- Modernized Arab Countries
There are many stereotypes about Arabs due to the lack of understanding about their culture. Like many other cultures, Arab culture is unique and different. The Arab world consists of twenty-two countries located in Middle East and North Africa. Arab countries are very diverse consisting of many religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. All Arabs have similar cultures and traditions but they are different from each other. Yet, Arab culture faces many stereotypes and Arab women are particularly the center of attention for being restricted by men and not having any rights such as having education. In the Arab world, women’s education rights vary from country to country because some countries are modernized (majority of people having newer technology and proper recourses) while others are not. There is gender equality in modernized Arab countries and special programs have been implemented to enhance women’s education rights. In non-modernized Arab countries, there is gender inequality that is beginning to shift towards women’s education, which is supported by their families, while religion is no longer used as justification for denying rights of women. The education of Arab women varies from one Arab country to another, and no one country should be used to characterize all Arab women. Modernized Arab countries tend to have greater gender equality between both men and women. The greater the…

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