The Education For All Handicapped Children Act Essay

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Public Law 94-142, also known as the Education for All Handicapped Children Act, is an important piece of legislation that allows for children with disabilities to receive free and appropriate education. This important legislation was put into effect in order to improve and equalize learning for all students as well as to provide special services to meet each student’s unique needs. The Education for All Handicapped Children Act was passed in 1975 and went into effect in 1977. Public Law 94-142 was the foundation for special education legislation and has helped millions of children with its six key mandates. These key mandates include zero reject, nondiscriminatory evaluation, individualized education program, least restrictive environment, due process, and parental participation, which are imperative in insisting that schools provide appropriate supports for children with disabilities (Kirk, Gallagher, and Coleman 34-35). Public Law 94-142 was a highly controversial legislation. According to Ernest Boyer in his article, “Public Law 94-142: A Promising Start?” he states, “Public Law 94-142 is landmark legislation. It requires every state and local school district receiving federal funds to find and educate at public expense all handicapped children in its jurisdiction, regardless of the nature or severity of a child’s handicap (par. 4).” For this reason, when the legislation was put into effect there was a large amount of concern about stretching state budgets, over…

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