The Eating Habit Of Young Parents Essay

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The behavior I aim to change is the eating habit of young parents in order to lead their children into healthy habits and diets for the future. The Intention is to change the way young parents see what a healthy diet means, is and helps with. To change the way they see this will change their behavior and allow for a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their family generations. This model for Change based on Reasoned Action can be broken down into Attitudes, Subjective norms and Perceived Behavioral Control all affects Behavioral Intentions which changes Behavior. The attitudes that young parents have is generally similar to that of a child, from a national standpoint. By that I mean that they don’t have an understanding of the consequences of a poor diet or don’t think they are susceptible. To fix this issue I will develop a simple chart showing average unhealthy weight gain from childhood to aging adult. This will show them just how much their now normal eating habits will affect their bodies, now and in the future. After which I will show them how a simple diet change like eating an adequate amount of carbohydrates and proteins will make them look and feel better. This should change their attitudes toward why what they eat is important.
One of the biggest problems with eating habits do to subjective norms is the idea that a diet is terrible and more of a chore. They think they must be on a far end of the spectrum, to gain eat so much they can’t take it or eat so…

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