The Early Stages And Effects Of Binge Drinking

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A majority of young people rate their health as good, very good or excellent (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2011) which shows that they are pleased with their health although studies are showing that rising rates of mental disorders and risk taking behaviour are becoming a major concern.

Binge Drinking
Whilst researching the topic of binge drinking I was able to find a large number of studies that identified and explained the effects of consuming too much alcohol in a short period of time known as binge drinking. Many of these articles conducted studies of those in their late adolescence to early adulthood where a gap in the studies were there were not many studies were conducted for the early stages of youth/adolescence. The first piece of literature was a book published in 2011 by
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‘Mental disorders account for a large proportion of the disease burden in young people in all societies and begin during youth’ (Patel, V., Flisher, A., Hetrick, S., & McGorry, P., 2007). As Patel, V. Et al 2007 found that mental disorders begin while a person in the youth stage of their life (12-24 years of age) but is not recognised until later on in their life span but is sometimes too late to help or avoid the situation. This study found that low educational achievements, violence and substance abuse such as binge drinking is related to poor mental health. Similarly, Keenan-Miller, D., Hammen, C., & Brennan, P. (2007) found that when depression occurs in early adolescence it is more likely there would be consequences in their health throughout young adulthood. However, what I found was there was

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