The Dyson Vacuum Ad, And The 1940 Plymouth Car Ad Essay

1387 Words Apr 26th, 2015 6 Pages
The one thing that people in the world cannot stop is time. Time causes change and change brings the old fashioned phrase “out with the old, in with the new” and puts it into practice. Society and norms change all of the time whether it may be a fad that the younger generation is going through or a long term discriminatory behavior from an older generation. Within the images given, the messages that are being delivered are subtle and discrete but they’re there nonetheless. Because of how things were in the past, we think nothing of a vacuum advertisement with a housewife in the background or a rich heiress with a Hispanic maid waiting for an order nearby. But times have changed meaning some schema accommodation needs to occur. The images that have been chosen are the Dyson Vacuum ad, the Versace ad, and the 1940 Plymouth car ad because they cover a wide range of things. To break down the advertisements, the viewer must look at the latent content then figure out the manifest content. The Dyson Vacuum ad is an animated image with a Dyson vacuum (understandable because that’s the product), a living room in the background (example of a place where the product can be used), a woman in a dress with an apron covering her front side (unnecessary) and the sentence “Why Spend All That Time Vacuuming When She Still Has To Cook Your Dinner.” This is a prime example of how times have changed! Say someone who grew up back when this ad was made saw this today. They would most likely…

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