Essay on The Duality Between Good And Evil

1773 Words May 26th, 2016 null Page
Human beings have a great capacity to love, to hate, to do good, and to do evil. We are constantly caught in a binary system of having to choose one or the other, and in some cases both or neither. This duality to choose or not to choose can be viewed in every philosophical way of thought, and often is the starting point of the process. For example, Saint Augustine of Hippo theorized that since man was made in the image of God he (and she) has the intrinsic will to choose to be good or to be evil. Augustine illustrated the duality between good and evil through a story from a childhood story about stealing fruit. In Augustine’s view, “I did evil for nothing, with no reason for the wrongdoing except the wrongdoing itself. . . . I loved the sin, not the thing for which I had committed the sin, but the sin itself.” (Velasquez, 63). Basically, Augustine argues that humans are constantly attracted to evil and that through God we can overcome the temptations of evil. Through this ability to reason and make decisions, we as humans are set apart from other creatures, thus making us unique and purposeful. Unlike Augustine, Charles Darwin was not so optimistic on the self, or soul. Infact, Darwin didn’t believe in the self. Darwin argues three main points: variation, the struggle for existence, and survival of the fittest. Darwin’s main question was that if individuals have an advantage, no matter how small, over others would they have the best chance of surviving and continuing their…

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