The Drug Of Drug Abuse Essay

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1. What is meant by the term drug abuse?
Drug abuse is the over consumption or excessive use of an addictive substance. Drug abuse occurs when the user consumes an excessive amount of an addictive substance, such as alcohol, prescription medication, street drugs, etc. for some type of reaction. The consumption of an illicit or prescribed drug becomes compulsive, and eventually leads to the addiction. This type of addiction is also referred to as drug abuse or drug dependency. The body eventually depends on the foreign substance to function, and without it, the body can go through withdrawal. There is not one single type of drug abuser. It cannot be neatly categorized. It is an epidemic throughout our nation, and can be seen in many forms, and for different reasons. There is no standard reason why people turn to drugs, or what reaction they are intending to achieve. Some may abuse drugs for religious reasons. Their religion may look at some consumption of drugs as accepted or even expected. Some abuse may occur in the form of prescription medication. They may have legitimately been prescribe a medication, and abuse it for self-medicating purposes. Some abusers simply use drugs to alter their moods or loosen up. Regardless of the reason, its impact is leaving a negative footprint in today’s society. Some theorist attempt to explain the drug abuse problem. They link the behavior to social disorganization, cultural transmission and the anomie theory, but in the end, it is a…

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