The Driving Cars Of America Essay

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Americans are trailblazers, routinely leading the world in a number of transportation firsts. Indeed, it was the Wright brothers who completed the first successful flight in 1903. Just 66 years later, Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon. Today, America is vying with other nations in a rush to adopt self-driving cars.

Although some Americans have their eyes on the prize, slowing down to allow others to go first may be the wiser strategy.

The First Driverless Cars

America won’t be the first country to permit self-driving cars as that honor has already been bestowed upon Singapore, the small nation-state located between Malaysia and Indonesia. In August 2016, nuTonomy became the first company to offer rides to the public in Singapore. One month later, the Uber ride-sharing service began operating driverless cars in Pittsburgh.

Both companies have a human backup driver on hand, tasked with taking control of the vehicle in the event something goes awry. We’re not at the point yet when a human can enter a vehicle and choose not to sit behind the steering wheel while the driverless car is in motion. Pennsylvania, for instance, has no law against driverless cars, but the state does require a licensed driver to sit behind the wheel when the vehicle is in operation. There go your plans for transporting your young children to soccer practice autonomously!

Taking it Slow

Driverless cars are on the way and there is nothing that will stop the adoption of this…

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