The Drinking Age Should Be Lowered Essay

1075 Words Oct 12th, 2016 5 Pages
In 1984, Congress passed a law that made a huge impact on people across America. The drinking age was raised from eighteen to twenty-one. All over the country, young adults and teens under the age of twenty-one are consuming alcohol. Teens are experimenting with alcohol in unsafe environments, which leads to a higher level of binge drinking among youth. The purpose of this law was to cut back on the number of high fatalities that were being caused by drinking and driving. Anyone who has followed the news, read articles, or has been through high school, would be able to tell that this law simply isn’t working. The number of drinking and driving as well as other alcohol related deaths hasn 't moved for the past decade. Throughout this paper, the main topics that will be discussed are statistics, how the drinking age varies throughout countries, and the similarities between eighteen and twenty-one year olds when it comes to legal issues. The drinking age should be lowered because individuals under the age of twenty-one are consuming alcohol in an unsafe way. These statistics may have one thinking that it is a positive reinforcement to have the drinking age set at twenty-one, but it is obvious that this law entails more negative aspects than positive ones. “The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that nearly 41% of high school students had consumed alcohol in the last thirty days.” ( While some young adults are participating in underage drinking,…

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