Essay The Drinking Age Act Of 1984

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The current drinking age in the US which is twenty one is a proper fit to the current US society. President Reagan addressed all the issues in the society regarding the use of alcohol when he formulated the “National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984” and he was very right. The act was crafted keeping in mind that the human brain is not fully developed until the age of twenty one. The use of alcohol at a lower age could be detrimental to one’s life and the path one chooses would be enough to ruin the entirety of their lives. The current drinking age is very appropriate for everyone as it reduces the negative impacts on oneself, the society and gives one ample time to mature and assume responsibility. Tinkering with this sensitive issue by reducing it would cause a havoc that cannot easily be undone.
Drinking at a lower age when one has not attained the legal age can ruin one’s life to its entirety because of the threats to the human body and mind it poses. Drinking at a lower age than twenty one can cause hindrances in the development of human brain. It can lead to severe problems in one’s life such as addiction, depression, violence and suicide. One is very susceptible to addiction when one abuses substance that their body and mind cannot control. Furthermore, alcohol addiction at a tender age is a step to the stairway of addictions. It comes in between the path of one making their future and more often ruining it than making it. Being able to use alcoholic beverages comes…

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