Essay on The Dreamer By Pablo Picasso

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This artwork named “The Dreamer” by Pablo Picasso in 1936. This work is in the center of Gallery 901 in Metropolitan Museum of Art. This painting a medium size work which is 39 7/8 x 36 3/4 inch. And there are two other works on the each side of The Dreamer. The left one is “Ariadne” by Giorgio de Chirico in 1913, and the right one is “Woman Asleep at the Table” by Pablo Picasso in 1936. Three of the painting has the similar subject matter; person lays on the ground or table. However, the other two has a sense of sadness and lonely in the painting. The Dreamer seems brighter and happier than that two. Compared to the other two, The Dreamer is the smallest one. The Dreamer is a rectangle shape painting. This picture attracted me when I first came into the Gallery because of the colorful canvas. This painting is a very adorable which likes a picture made by a child who has a beautiful view of the future. I was surprised after I checked the title and the artist name of this painting. I could not believe this is a painting made by Picasso. Because majority paintings of Picasso, in my opinion, are depressed, sadness and conflict with strong tension such as “La Minotauromachie” and “The Blind Man 's Meal” in the early 1900s. This one seems like more romantic and more relax compare to the others. The color combination is not as usual. He used the white, blue, green and light pink to express the theme of the painting - the dreamer. The massive hip and circle reputation seems the…

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