Essay about The Dream Of Attending A 4 Year University

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Throughout the past 50 years, online learning has evolved to offer a majority of undergraduate degree programs and advanced degree programs. In 1976, the University of Phoenix was founded to give working adults flexible higher education options. In 1994, the first completely on-line curriculum was introduced by CalCampus, by 2014, 98% of colleges and universities offered online programs (Dumbauld). With these continuing advances in education, more people are able to pursue a college degree. On-line education is geared towards working adults with full time jobs, families and busy lifestyles. By fulfilling the needs of our society and offering classes on-line, colleges now allow for barriers to be crossed economically, socially, geographically and professionally. Today, we are facing more expensive education options along with a higher cost of living. The dream of attending a 4 year university may be unattainable for many Americans. The effects of on-line learning have both direct and indirect influences on our economy. The ability to directly offer jobs and careers within the field of online learning and make jobs open to thousands will have a positive impact on our economy. Indirectly, having a more educated workforce will help our societies, communities and country as a whole excel. On-line education allows the opportunity for more of our young adults to attain higher education and better prepare themselves for careers. Educated members of society not only make higher…

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