The Importance Of Online Education

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Education, one of the crucial attributes a person can attain throughout their lives is becoming harder attain education. Social factors are one of the reasons why people are not receiving an education. This documentary presents how the higher education system in the United States is going through a transformation. There are more people in the workforce that are realizing that they need to earn a degree in order to secure a job or attain a better job position. Colleges and universities are going through a renovation in which they are becoming accessible to students who need to go back to school to receive a degree related to their work. One of the ways colleges are becoming more reachable is by offering online courses. In my college experience I have found out that online courses are more compatible to my needs. As technology is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives. Online learning is soon be the method of …show more content…
By not having enough time people may not proceed with continuing their education. My experience has been similar to what a majority of adults have been going through by the challenges faced by people who work and are trying to receive an education. Although I am not a parent, I have been in the situation where I have to manage my time between wok and class. In 2014, I was working at a local grocery store and was working the night shift. The long hours of exhausting work had taken a toll on my body and I could not get my work done. As a result, I had to drop my math class because I did not have time to do my homework because of my work schedule. I had to try something new and the following semester I took online courses. Taking online courses gave me the opportunity to do my coursework. Further, by experiencing some of the issues presented in the documentary I am able to see through their eyes how hard it is to simultaneously go to school and

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