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The education industry has evolved with the technology being presented in our society. Now, many individuals turn to online learning as it may be more convenient, especially for the busy and working individual. Institutions face having to prioritize what they are able to offer for student education and put into consideration the service and ease on how an online program runs. Institutions need to keep up the pace with the ever-changing opportunities for online learning and to also be able to have a competitive advantage over other institutions. They also need to meet the student and faculty member expectations of contemporary consumer technologies and communications (Grajek, 2013). According to Grajek (2013), “Students
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This portion of the website has a good overview of the online program. The website itself looks simple and easy to navigate around, which is an important aspect also to e-commerce by having a website that can be easily accessed and is easy to navigate. As you click on the different links, it provides the potential student more information they need to learn about the online program. More importantly, when the potential student clicks on the link for becoming an online student, it entails more information to help one decide if they should go with ULV, especially in determining if the online program they are interested in is available. If it is available, there are important steps on this part of the website that help the person decide if taking an online class is right for them. It is actually a step-by-step process to review which does include information of the school, admission criteria, cost, who to contact for further questions, attending an information session and an online application. Just like a website for online shopping, ULV’s website for their online courses do contain helpful information. While e-commerce may be available for everyone when it comes to online shopping, it is shown from ULV’s website that their online program is available only to …show more content…
They no longer just rely on students attending class in person. Having online programs allows more students to attend the school virtually, which may be helpful if some schools do not possibly have enough rooms or a schedule to fit all students at different times. When online programs open, this also raises the need for a workforce with knowledge and skills, especially with all the technology involved with instructing an online class. This becomes different as instructors are now required to utilize different technology to instruct their students such as Powerpoint, email, chatrooms, uploading videos on YouTube, and using Skype for face-to-face contact with students during office hours. Aside from these things, they also need to be well trained to utilize the software needed to run the class (e.g. Blackboard). Having staff that are competent in these areas may not be easy to come by in the beginning, especially if they are not as experienced with the different technology available today. As a result, institutions need to realize the need to respond to the changing curriculums and teaching methods as there are a growing number of institutions offering online courses. It definitely does become competitive. At the same time, the instructors being hired to instruct these clases would need to further realize the need to respond to these changes and keep up and perhaps change their teaching methods to keep

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