Essay on The Drama I Mentioned?

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The drama I mentioned?
Mom is going through some stuff.

We 're all just trying to hold things together.

Don 't take it the wrong way.
This is about what Mom is going through.

- Don 't think that I don 't want you here.
- No, of course. I understand.

- I hope she feels better soon.
- What 's going on, Namhla?

Just conflict at home.

My mom and I are bumping heads. Again.

I think it 's time I moved out.
But without a job...

I 'll make a plan.

- I can give you rent money in the meantime.
- Thanks, but no.

I 'm okay.

I insist, Namhla.

Sifiso 's company was the strongest contender after Tip of the Spear.

Then he 's in the best position to...

- challenge the awarding of the tender.
- Exactly.

But you have to play him just right.
My research says he 's a straight guy.

- Very emotional, and has a huge ego.
- I know how to stroke an ego.

We must give the Deputy Minister grounds to challenge Tip of the Spear getting the tender.

- He 's coming. I 'll see you later.
- Okay.

- Mr Mogale.
- Tau, please.

- Sifiso.
- Okay.

Thank you for meeting me.

I have a lot of time on my hands since we lost the broadband spectrum tender.

Yes, I 've been following the tender auction.

I was considering investing in your company.

Good thing you didn 't.

Without the tender, we don 't have any real growth prospects.


I think you should 've won the tender.

- That 's water under the bridge.
- Is it?

You could contest the awarding of the tender - have it thrown out.…

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