Essay about The Divorce Rate Of The United States

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Love, that dreamy state of euphoria that every human seeks. That first moment when you meet that special somebody. You think about them non-stop, you can 't sleep, you can 't eat, your heart pounds heavy in your chest when you see that exceptional human that God himself dropped into your path. Is that what in love feels like? Then what is it called a few weeks, months or years later when all of those raw feelings go away? What keeps some people together until death do they part, but others can 't keep it together for more than a year or two?

The divorce rate in the United States is so high. As a matter of fact, 40% - 50% of American marriages end in divorce and the rate is even higher for any subsequent marriages. My first marriage ended abruptly after about 13 years and two children. His words, an unpretentious "It 's just not fun anymore". Those words have been resounding in my head for years. "Fun?" I thought, "Who said it was supposed to be fun?" We met young, married young, and had a baby young. Where does fun have a place in all that? Of course after launching my own investigation and taking a little tour through his wallet the fun became apparent. I found a phone number scribbled on a piece of paper with the name Amy written upon it. It was evident that he desired to feel in love again. He sought after that heart beating out of your chest, sweaty palm sensation that only comes when you first meet someone. The feeling that goes away as soon as you realize the human…

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